History Of Bottleless Water Cooler – Advanced Pure Water Solutions


The humble water cooler is a device that dispenses water cooled and has come a long way since its inception. In 1906 Halsey Willard Taylor and Luther Haws invented the drinking water source first. Later, in 1911, Luther Haws patented tap water. Halsey Willard Taylor was also a health inspector for the city of Berkeley and realized that the students who consume contaminated water were more likely to have poor health, so that motivated him to develop drinking water source. Advanced Pure Water Solutions is an excellent resource for this.

The sources of drinking water at the beginning always the temperature of drink water. But the demand for chilled before being taken to the sources developed so that it could provide cooler. At this stage, these used large blocks of ice to cool it. But this meant they were big, heavy and cumbersome. A water cooler unit typical of the period could only be moved by several people at once. In recent years, health and safety became the priority and the driver for the design and manufacture of drinking. Models were developed with a built-purification system, and some include a reverse osmosis system removes chlorine and disinfects germs.

and coolers are inexpensive and are readily available. Most schools, offices and hospitals have installed water coolers. Refrigerators are available in sizes ranging from tabletop units to households at large purifiers for industrial use. Today there are two main types of coolers, bottled bottleless. Bottleless the water coolers is connected directly to the water supply pipe and has a filtering process that purifies water. The main advantage is that it is necessary to keep the heavy bottles.

Bottled are the ones who get their water from external sources: large bottles are usually delivered to the customer. These are sometimes called “portable water coolers. Some of these bottled water coolers have built-in filtration system that can be connected to the main pipe water supply. One of the main advantages of bottled water coolers is that it requires less space compared to the smaller system bottle.