Helping Your Family Avoid Real Estate Probate With a Will


It may surprise you to find out that when a loved one passes away, a house is the item that people fight about more so than anything else. Probate for real estate is a very large issue. Prior to a probate judge making a decision, people can be at war for years. A lawyer is retained by each side to fight for them as each one has the belief that they are entitled to the land or home. It can get complicated if the person who died did not leave a strict will; even if they did, it’s possible that it can be challenged.see here

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Everyone over the age of eighteen should be practical enough to have a will. To do this, simply contact a lawyer and ask for one to be drawn up. You can secure it in a lock box at the bank when it is finalized. Keep a few copies on hand, making sure to inform your beneficiaries of your wishes. It’s important to explain who you want to receive what and why, or your family may end up fighting it out in the Supreme Court.

Real estate probate can get very ugly. Every law firm can tell you how nasty a wills probate issue can get; whether the fight is over land or a home, the costs can continue to add up on top of the settlements.

Logically, you would think that everyone would be grieving at this point, but unfortunately people often are concerned with what has been left to them by the deceased. Maybe they are afraid that someone else will take things that they believe are rightfully theirs. Or possibly the belief is, that due to a family argument, the other person is entitled to nothing. There are multiple excuses and all of them can cause family strife. Any holiday gathering can be made into a bitter affair, ending in an argument.

In order to avoid a battle in real estate probate court, steps can be taken to assist your friends and family. To start, speak with an attorney and draw up a will that lists the people you want to leave something to. In addition, copy the will multiple times, and keep the copies in a separate and secure place. As it is a good idea to update the will now and then, notify friends and members of the family of any revisions made.